Sunbeam Mixmaster 7B

Found this vintage ’40s mixer at a secondhand store for $20; can’t wait to try it.


8 thoughts on “Sunbeam Mixmaster 7B

  1. I think my grandmother had one of those. I particularly like that the different speeds have foods associated with them, though I wonder how carefully anyone ever followed those recommendations.

  2. Perhaps quite carefully at first — this was one of the first mixers to have more than three speeds, so it might have been something of a new idea to people?

    I may have acted too quickly — I confess I was afraid someone else would buy it before I made up my mind. Found a Yahoo group that collects these and other old mixers, and they say the dough hooks I bought on Ebay could cause problems, and that this model isn’t powerful enough for bread dough. They say it makes great cakes, but I make bread every two weeks and cake once or twice a year…

    I’ll probably clean it up, use it when I can, and give it some time — I may decide it’s worth keeping even if it can’t do bread.

  3. It seems awfully familiar to me, too — the milk glass bowls, the thin metal turntable, the speed control on the back, the curved handle, even the way the handle turns to eject the beaters. And yet I can’t place it — did my mom have one when we were little? I don’t remember ever seeing either grandmother using a mixer.

      • Marcy: A tenant left the model mixer when vacating one of our apartments. It is missing the small bowl but evert thing else is there. I have used it to make my mothers german sweet coffee cake & german dark rye bread. Worked great on the coffee cake stalled out on the bread. I was (am) trying to find out if dough hooks are available for it. Will try the Yahoo group you have listed.

  4. Denis, this mixer did not have dough hooks as an option. Some people in that group advised me to try somewhat later dough hooks anyway, others said doing so would kill the mixer. I eventually got a 50s model instead and sold this one. I use the dough hooks sometimes, the spiral kind, and it’s okay for some bread dough up to a point — not really strong enough to incorporate ALL the flour. Best wishes with yours!

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