1. Exercise.

I go to free exercise classes twice a week at Mark’s school’s fitness center; one of the perks of him working there. Shaina, the director, whose classes I like the best / find most challenging and effective, has just announced that she’s leaving in May to start her own studio. Must be exciting for her — but I’m seriously bummed (pun perhaps intended) and wondering what all will change.

2. Garden.

I’ve started planting in the garden, and need to start hardening off some seedlings, and planting more, and starting more. And looking for sprouts under the mulch where I’ve planted. I’ve moved the hydrangea and removed the irises that were taking up space in the garden.

I bought new fencing material — chicken wire and u-posts — and want to get the fence up as soon as possible, before there are delicious things for the rabbits to desire. First, though, I want to square up the garden and am not quite sure how. I’m guessing I’ll first measure what seems to be the longest side, and work out from there. I need to figure out how to brace the corners (I’ve learned about the diagonal wire and a stick of wood to tighten it, but not sure what to use (if anything) for the horizontal brace) and decide where I want to put the fake gate (loose piece of chicken wire tacked to a vertical board, hooked or tied to a u-post to close the gate). And I’ll need Mark’s help to put up the new fence.

3. Hands.

My hands are hurting a little again — noticing especially left wrist and the inner crease of the thumb, and a little on the right hand especially using the iron. It could be that the digging and such I’ve been doing in the garden, and perhaps especially the hauling of wet straw bales (with help, but still), has aggravated the situation. It could also be a week of hormonal shift that sometimes seems to increase hypermobility. Regardless, I need to take a break from knitting and even, sadly, working on the quilt, which I didn’t think would be as hard on my hands as knitting. I need to get off the computer, too. And not nap excessively. Of course I’m getting back to the neglected stretches and massage, and once the pain is gone I’ll (try) to get back to the strengthening exercises.

4. Listening.

The little voice that cries “Meaningless!” has been speaking up a little lately. I know enough now that it doesn’t bother me unduly; it’s “just” a sign I need to rest more, waste less time, invest less energy in willfulness, cultivate gratitude, seek God, speak truth to myself, play with Amy more. The approaching end of Mark’s and Amy’s spring breaks might be a factor; transitions are traditionally sort of disconcerting or disruptive.

5. Grain.

On Thursday, I started a jar of sunflower seeds and a jar of wheat for sprouting. The sunflower seeds shed their skins and half of them float. No other activity. The wheat seems to be maybe 30-40% sprouting, but very slow to grow, and some of the sprouts seem to have broken off. I’ll wait another day or two, and after that just use them in some bread regardless.

Today Mark watched Fathead on his computer. It’s a movie made by a guy who wanted to refute various things from Supersize Me. For one thing, the Fathead guy argues that the lipid hypothesis — the idea that saturated fats and cholesterol are responsible for heart disease — is incorrect. Animal fats and palm and coconut oils are not unhealthy; rancid heat-processed and especially hydrogenated vegetable oils are. He also talks about grains… I forget what Mark told me he said, though, but it was along the same lines as what the Weston Price people and the primal / paleo people say — that whole grains are difficult on bodies, at least the way we conventionally do them. Maybe I’ll have to watch it myself while I’m resting my hands.


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