Damp Day

On this fine damp day
We slept in
Ate cereal and bananas
Cleaned both bathrooms
(Amy, naked, scrubbed the tubs)
Took a break to read a chapter
From her newly arrived set
Of Laura Ingalls books
Ate leftovers for lunch
(Soup and homemade noodles for me
Ground beef and mac-n-cheese for her
Carrot sticks and Fuji apple slices for both)
I sewed the strips for another quilt block
(That makes almost three)
And while she is sleeping
I put up a design wall
With a flannel sheet
And safety pins pushed into the wall
(What did I do with that box of pushpins?)
To display the blocks as they’re finished
So Amy can admire them without
Handling them (making more fray)
And now I am looking up
How to make risotto
Even though I have
The wrong kind of rice
I think it will be yummy
With roasted broccoli


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