Barbie gown

Impulsively knit with remnants of two sock yarns. This gown has short-row shaping under the empire waist, a spiral pattern made with increases and decreases, and what’s supposed to look like a ruffle. Straps are crocheted with long loops to fit over a front button.

The model is a thrift store Barbie who looks like she was designed to be a ballerina — her arms and legs have a greater range of motion than most Barbies, and the curve of her arms is especially persuasive.


5 thoughts on “Barbie gown

  1. Honestly, you are the most amazing mum! What beautiful sox theses yarns would have made too.
    Jon and I just returned from a grueling 10 days away, among other things doing a ‘Meyers-Briggs’ testing which we got to do with our daughter and son in law.
    It was fun to do it “family style”, but all that to say, your gifts must be many and varied!!

  2. Doing things for is lovely — no substitute for doing things with or for being with. Doing for is easier for me. I try to do and be with as well, but if that came as smoothly I’d be more amazed. I suppose most people feel that way about the things they are good at and the things they struggle with.

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