In considering what to wear to the Treat’s Bridal Suite Expo tomorrow evening, I wished I had ever managed to a) fix up that shawl-dress for my current (larger) figure and b) knit a lovely black shawl for special events.

Then it occurred to me, perhaps I could turn the shawl-dress back into a shawl. Many difficulties — the print doesn’t seem aligned exactly, so just cutting off the neckline and stitching it back together wouldn’t work. But much pinning and thinking later, I realized I could cut off the one side close to the neckline, and the other at the next row of paisleys, and that way there would be one center back design instead of two to mirror. It therefore has an off-center seam in the back, but it’s not obvious. I miss the extra inches — it would hang more nicely in front if it was a bit longer. But it’s still lovely.

Now wondering if / how to pin it in front so it stays put. With knit shawls you use a shawl pin, but I don’t think that would be good for a fine fabric like this. I almost wonder about two buttons sewn on, with a pretty elastic cord crocheted or macrame’d to go from one to the other. I happen to have two pretty black buttons and some black elastic cord…

Silk velvet devore and the bathroom sink — a great combination.

(My dress was made from this shawl, and given in exchange for modeling it and playing dulcimer music in the boutique‘s fashion show.)


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