Here’s my low-tech seed-starting equipment.

A fabric-covered board (it used to be a makeshift shelf in the music room) supported on two stools, with painted or printed metal trays from Goodwill.

On the left is Amy’s strawberry starter, a Christmas present. On the right are the broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and basil starts. In the center are Rutger’s and Grandma Mary’s tomatoes and Amish Pimiento peppers. I just started them today, so their tray sits in a cardboard box from a case of cat food, covered with an elastic bowl cover, with taped bits from a brownie mix box on the corners to keep the elastic cover from smushing the paper pots.


One thought on “Sprouting

  1. South Carolina gives gardeners about two months of rest!! Our last pepper plants came out late November, and I started tomatoes mid-January! (If I had been a responsible gardener and planted collards and cabbages, there would be no break at all.)

    I tried the paper pots this year, too. I love them because a) they are cute, b) they use waste paper, and c) they work well!

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