A swiftly tilting… house?

Lately, Amy starts to cry as soon as her light is off and door closed. Sometimes she’s said it looks like the house is tilting. When I tried to ask about what that meant, it turned into sparkling. She tried to explain that it was like dust — I thought maybe she was talking about how light streaming through a window can illuminate dust particles in the air.

Tonight, talking in her dark room, it seems what she’s afraid of is what the room looks like in the sudden dark before her eyes adjust — sort of pixelly, dusty, like a photo of a room in low light when you enlarge it just a bit or try to adjust the color.

So, I think the next step may be to get a brighter nightlight and see if that helps. And maybe read the bedtime story in the dark, with a nightlight or book light.


We got a nightlight — princesses, of course. And we now read the bedtime story with just the book light.

No crying last night or tonight.


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