Quilt #2

Here is the tentative layout for quilt #2 for our bed. It’s a queen. Standard queen mattresses are 60×30. This time I planned my design to account for top vs. sides! There’s no extra at the top for tucking over a pillow — I’ll make shams instead. Around the other three sides there’s another block’s width. Blocks are 20″ divided into 4″ squares, so it works out to 100″ square — which will fit nicely on king-size batting with room to spare. (A queen batt is a bit too long and not wide enough.)

I’m thinking either blues and white, or blue, purple, green, and white, or blue, purple, and green. Our current comforter is quite dingy at the top edge, despite sunning it and bleaching it — I’d like this quilt to look nice for longer than fourteen years, so maybe white isn’t a good choice. Since my design is square, it can be rotated — there’s not just one edge that has to be the top. Surely that will help at least a little.


Or maybe the blocks should be 10″ divided into 2″ squares. That’s a lot more cutting and piecing… but maybe it would look better. I’d flip the pattern over the last column to make it the middle column, and same with the bottom –> middle row, which would then require a border around sides and bottom to make up for the 10″ loss — 5″ all around. I don’t really want a border, though… aha — 2.25″ squares in 11.25″ blocks, for a 101.25″ square — that’s just an inch and a quarter bigger, which is just three quarters of an inch all around, and it’ll still fit on a king batt.


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