Advent update

Amy’s been enjoying the Advent calendar.

Each day, she guesses what the picture is. Then I read the Scripture passages and ask her to tell them back — last night I think she finally understood that it’s okay to paraphrase.

She wants to look at the previous days’ pictures and hear those Scriptures again, too.

I wasn’t sure how enthusiastic she would be about an Advent calendar without candy, but so far so good!


One thought on “Advent update

  1. Your calendar is very sweet & I am not surprised that Amy enjoys it. It would probably never occur to her that candy would be involved so she doesn’t miss it. I found that my children enjoyed (and seemed to take comfort in) routines and repetition. Even looking back on my own childhood, the memories of how we always did certain things the same way are very pleasant. I wonder if it makes us feel secure in some way.
    Enjoy the advent season. Every year with her will be so special and different as she grows. I know it is so cliche for me to say it, but it really does go by so quickly. Or maybe I am just feeling a little nostalgic tonight.

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