Lately Amy has been telling this Tex and Indi story each night at dinner, about how Tex tries a new food and likes it. (Tex and Indi are characters in a magazine she gets, thanks to a generous great-aunt.)

Anyway, tonight and last night we had some really good dinners.

Last night? Homemade spinach-stuffed ravioli.

I learned that a good spinach filling requires cooking the spinach, and the addition of an egg, some parmesan, and some other seasonings rounds it out nicely. I adapted the filling from a beef-and-spinach filling in the Fannie Farmer cookbook — I just used double the spinach and no beef. How lovely that the spinach came from the garden. And it’s been a while since I made homemade pasta, so that was also nice.

I have now decided that between 5-6 is the best ravioli setting on the pasta machine — nice and thin but manageable. Oh! And I discovered that it is more efficient and effective to flour-dust the first sheet of pasta than to dust the ravioli mold.

The sauce was homemade, too, leftover from making meatballs for a fellowship gathering the other evening.

Tonight? Leftover cabbage soup and sesame french bread.

The cabbage soup was in the freezer — I think I made it along these lines:

1 small head cabbage
5-7 medium tomatoes
1 lb. ground beef
2-4 c chicken stock

I browned the beef, then added the other ingredients and simmered for a few hours. I would have used beef stock if I’d had it. It was definitely better after sitting in the freezer. I also made about a cup of acini di pepe pasta and added that this time — filled it out well.

The bread was also adapted from Fannie Farmer — I just used half whole-wheat flour, a whole egg glaze, and sprinkled on sesame seeds.



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