Amy bits

Facebook status updates featuring things Amy says or does.

Oct 10: has a little girl who just yesterday learned to catch her big purple ball, and pump her legs to swing higher and higher.

Oct 6: Amy, looking at a really cute rocking horse at Goodwill: “If your egg got fertilized and grew into a baby, and it was a boy, you could get that rocking horse for him.”

Oct 6: Today, Amy pretended that we were Mr. and Mrs. Bela Fleck. And, alternatively, Mr. and Mrs. Johann Strauss.

Oct 3: Amy on the phone, holding up the piece of play-doh: “This is what play-doh looks like.” After more prompting from grandma, “The round play-doh cookies look round, and the diamond play-doh cookies look like diamonds.” Asked about her birthday, “I want a nightgown with purple flowers and polka dots!”

Oct 2: Amy: “My milk is homebrew.” and, listening to Bela Fleck playing Debussy, “Silly classical music!”

Oct 2: “I have a belly full of popcorn. It feels like I have a baby that’s going to be born!”

Oct 1: Amy: “I’m a woman in a hat.” (Wearing Daddy’s hat.)


Sept 29: Amy’s new song: “I went to see four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten; for he-e waits — eleven, twelve.” (To the tune of the second half of “Jesus Shall Reign.”)

Sept 28: Amy, when I mentioned I was doing some math for a recipe: “Can I do some math?” and later after an improvised worksheet, “I love doing math!”

Sept 26: Amy: “I’m not trying to kill you, Daddy.” (She just wanted to pretend he was the target for her pretend archery practice, and he was explaining why you never point an arrow at a person.)

Sept 20: ‎10:15, Amy emerges to pee, and says, “Daddy, I’m tired of sleeping and lying on my bed.”

Sept 13: Amy: on the way to church “Playing is fun.” In the bath “I’m going to set myself on fire under the Eiffel Tower!” and, pouring water on herself from a bowl, “It made it like I was dressed in a water dress!”

Sept 9: loves to hear Amy singing along to instrumental music — traditional stuff by contra dance band Swallowtail this evening.

Sept 7: Amy, zonked and wobbly after waking up to pee: “Mama… …tomorrow… …there’s going to be my show.”


Aug 30: Amy’s toys are having an extremely heated discussion. One of them just slammed the door.

Aug 29: Mark: “What did you do in Sunday School today?” Amy: “I learned about everything.”

Aug 28: Amy: Once upon a time there was a little girl named Laura. She lived with her sister Mary, and her Ma. Pa was dead. He wasn’t paying attention, and he fell, and he died. After some confusion, it turns out Ma was dead, too, and the girls flew to Paris to live with Miss Clavel.

Aug 28: Amy: They named their baby Pooping Diaper Changing Snipe.

Aug 24: On the way, Amy said, “I’m going to have fun at preschool today.” And she did. Her teacher said she did “fabulous.”

Aug 23: Oh, and Amy wrote a new song today: “I hammer you under the sun, I hammer you under the moon, I hammer you under the stars, I hammer you under the snowflakes.” I think she’s talking dulcimer.

Aug 19: Amy: Napkin, please save me!

Aug 19: Amy wanted dessert last night. Since we didn’t have any available, she was very sad. Then she remembered we have pickles.

Aug 16: Amy (singing): Don’t kill my Amy, don’t kill my Amy… She wants to get to three years old… when she’s all grown up she’ll be a baby again… if George fell in the water he’d need a ring if he fell and he got wet and he didn’t have a ring… you shall get her mirror bring it back to (?)… I am glad you sing with me Dad… daddy daddy daddy dad, daddy daddy daddy dad… you are glad I sing… I, I, I aaaaaaammmmm… that’s all there is, there isn’t anymore (that’s from Madeline)… she could stand the covers… then they wake then the morning… my girls, my girls, miss my girls… when she tucks herself inside bed…

Aug 10: Amy, bottom half naked, lying on the bathroom rug with her blanket; Mark says, “What are you doing?” and she replies, “Taking a break from peeing.”

Aug 8: Amy songs tonight: 1. The Lord said “Don’t put your feet on the piano.” But babies don’t know that. (She was playing the toy piano with her feet, of course.) 2. If you break your head you need a head bandage.

Aug 4: Amy: Tonight I’m going to dream about cousin Margie! — When we go to Uncle Carl and Aunt Betsy’s house again, I want to get lost again in Tennessee!


July 25: Two things that puzzle me: why she is so interested in playing throw-up, and why she is so reluctant to ask for help.

July 22: Amy: Daddy, I was dreaming about Calvin in my nap. (The cartoon boy, not the theologian.)

July 22: Amy: I was laughing at bedtime! Bedtime is funny! … Am I allowed to laugh at bedtime?

July 22: Amy: If your blanket was a wall, you’d spackle your blanket.

July 15: Amy: Use a fork, Luke!

July 14: Me: I’m tired of playing Cinderella. Can we play with blocks?
(Minutes later, the dolls living in the block structures start playing Cinderella.)


June 30: Amy: If I had an upper tail, for my fur, it would stick out my shirt.

June 29: At dinner time, told Amy to go pee. She yelled No, and went anyway, then reported that she was doing the parable of the two sons — the first says “no” but then does what dad asks, second says “yes” but doesn’t do it.

June 19: She just walked past saying “I don’t want ants in the house. I’m going to put the ant in the garbage.”

June 18: Amy: I don’t like the way this cheese tastes. It tastes like chicken. It tastes like farm smell.

June 11: amy prochaska (Amy typed that with just a little guidance; she likes to type in Notepad.)

June 10: Me: “Guess what? I love you.” Amy: “No, you don’t. Let’s not say that anymore.” Seconds later, she did the “Guess what? I love you” part to me.

June 7: Amy: The checkers will be our communion cookies.

June 6: might be done with diapering: this is Amy’s third night in training undies. The first morning, I woke up to find her completely dressed for the day.

[I wish I took note of the date she switched to regular undies at night. We wake her around 10 or so for a last pee.]


May 25: Amy: Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was playing outside. Her grandparents came. She came inside. Her mom told her not to lie, but she did. No grandparents today.

May 23: Amy to Mark: You would be handsome if you had a popsicle. (Also, she very kindly had a handsome party today so that Daddy would be allowed to come.)


3 thoughts on “Amy bits

  1. More amazing stuff. What a fascinating kid and her comments give insight to some great parenting. She’s lucky!

    I remember like 3 things my girls said when younger and I will repeat them to whomever will listen. Ad nauseum.

    I will now go and assign myself an F in parenting.

    Just kidding… sort of..

  2. I want to hear those three things!

    I’m a ridiculously detail-oriented person. I used to have a hard time taking notes because I’d try to highlight or write down everything.

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