Grace Reformed Pres. Women’s Retreat

It’s late, and I don’t feel like re-formatting the pictures from the retreat. You’re welcome to go see them via Facebook instead.

This is a women’s retreat unlike any other I’ve participated in.

First of all, super short! We arrived around seven Friday evening, and left around eleven Saturday morning. Now, I did share a ride with some folks, and the whole group stopped at the same place for lunch around one, so that extends the time, but still.

Secondly, a major focus of time and energy was a charity work. I’m not sure what all they’ve done in past years, but this year they were looking for new ideas, and I suggested washable menstrual pads for women and girls in, say, Africa, who miss a LOT of school or work due to lack of supplies. Some cut, some assembled, some sewed by hand, some sewed by machine, and some hammered snaps. We used flannel from a thrifted duvet cover — two layers sandwiching a slice of waterproof crib pad, to make a base pad that snaps around the underwear, and four layers zigzagged together to make stackable liners that slip into ribbon bands on the base pad. I think we finished twenty-nine sets!

We stayed up way later than I ever do (around two or so), playing silly games. The three teens were in bed before most of the adults. I learned a new one, Chase the Ace, which is a fast-paced dice game. And I taught everyone Viking, also fast-paced, with silly coordinated motions and yelling.

There was a short devotion in the morning, and — that’s all!


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