Hands update

Today marks the end of my second of three weeks of hand therapy for tendinitis in my thumb and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Steady progress over this week’s three sessions — I could do more of each exercise. And that’s in spite of doing some questionable stuff like patching holes in the bathroom to prepare for painting.

I’m really glad, and grateful, that I’ve been able to see a hand specialist, and locally! I’m pleased with all the variety of exercises he’s shown me to do at home as well as the treatments and exercises at the sessions. I might even feel a little confident about being able to continue building strength and dealing with recurrences once my last week is up.

Today I was even able to get through the more challenging exercise class — the one I had to skip the last two Fridays because of hand pain. Only one part aggravated one thumb, I was able to do the pushups, and Shaina had a good modification for another bit that would have put too much pressure on my hands and wrists.

Plus, patching and sanding the final holes, digging up some dirt to start a late summer greens crop, and dusting and vacuuming.

I’ll have to ask, though, when I can take up the knitting again! Since he didn’t yell at me for the spackling, maybe it’ll be soon.


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