Not so hiatus

I’m definitely on the computer less, which is good overall, but I haven’t been sufficiently disciplined to do the whole hiatus thing. Right now I am kneeling on a chair, with a pillow between, so as to put my hands at a better height for the keyboard and mouse. I need to figure out how to lower the keyboard shelf. Right now it slides in rails, and the rail supports don’t extend any lower. But perhaps I could find hardware that would let it hang lower.

Today’s hand therapy appointment was a little on the brutal side, but in a good way. Last time I did PT I never really got beyond the “decrease the pain” goal. Now already here we’re working on developing much-needed strength. We were talking about how I have general hypermobility, which is good in terms of flexibility, but bad in terms of stability. Doing strengthening exercises can help add stability. That’s the same reason I’ve been going to exercise classes at the school, although there I’ve been focusing on knees, hips, and core.

Anyway, today I had to do exercises with a large rubbery web on a frame (sort of like snow / deer fence), with a two-pound dumbbell, and with little handheld spring-tensioned gripper thingies at different tensions. I was supposed to do three sets of twenty reps on each of three of these grippers, and could only get through two. Plus there’s still the various stretching and gliding exercises, and other strengthening things with putty and pencils. A lot of work, but I am rather excited and hopeful about doing something to make this problem either go away entirely or be much more manageable.


My feet are starting to fall asleep under me. Must go check facebook before they go completely.


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