Because of issues with my hands, I’m taking a short hiatus from the computer, except for checking email once a day. I hope to be back soon!


Tendinitis in my thumbs (old, recurrence) and carpal tunnel (new) — posture has a lot to do with it — computer, knitting, sewing — and who knows what all else has affected it. Pinch grip is sometimes painful. Can’t put much weight on it (no push-ups, bike rides, careful using rotary fabric cutter).

Sometimes right pinky and ring finger get tingly / numb — my hand therapist says to watch that and if it’s persistent need to get it looked at as it could become permanent.

My hand therapist, Manoj Kumar, is great — my Rx is for left hand only (right started only after I started OT), so we’re doing ultrasound, deep massage, sometimes ice massage, and a variety of stretching, gliding, and strengthening exercises. I can do the massage and the exercises at home, on both hands.

I wear carpal tunnel braces at night to prevent either wrist from getting bent forward, which aggravates it.


7 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Ouch -sorry to hear you are having issues. I’ve had carpal tunnel in both hands and the subsequent surgery. I totally get it. Take care of yourself and hopefully you’ll be back to your old self soon!

  2. I remember using the mouse being AWFUL for my CTS!!!! Thankfully it did get better after a long break, and I’ve not had issues again. Hope yours does the same! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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