Fruits and veggies

What a yummy dinner — and dessert!

I had just a few beets come up this year, and picked them all today. One or two were almost golf balls, the other four or five were closer to marbles. I scrubbed them and trimmed a bit of the root and all but an inch of the tops.

Scrubbed three nice sweet potatoes and cut them in thick slices.

Put both veggies in olive-oil-brushed foil with a few pats of butter and some salt, pepper, and rosemary. Now, since I was also making blueberry pie, I should have just used the oven, but in a moment of brilliance I thought, Oh, I should grill them so as not to have to use the oven.

They did really nicely on the grill.

Meanwhile, wilted the greens in a bit of bacon grease and some butter, and made up some couscous:

Bring 1 1/2 c chicken stock to a boil. Stir in 1 c couscous and remove from heat. Five minutes later, add a bit of milk, salt, pepper, butter, and garlic, and stir.


Earlier today, I went blueberry picking with Amy. I was hoping the rain would stop. It was light at first, and stopped for a few minutes, and then became insistently steady. We lasted an hour and a half and were both soaked. Guess our jackets aren’t even remotely water-repellent.

The results? Four pounds — a tenth of what I’d like to pick this season, but a nice start. Four cups for the pie, and ten cups for the freezer, to put on cereal or oatmeal or use in pancakes and the like.

I made a new crust — a cup of oats finely chopped in the food processor, a cup of regular flour, and half a cup of whole wheat, with 3/4 cup of unsalted farm butter (almost gone now) and 6-7 T water. Easy to work, and delicious.

Tossed the berries with four or five tablespoons of flour and a pinch of salt, piled them into the crust, and then drizzled maple syrup (maybe 1/8 cup?) over them and dotted with a tablespoon of butter. 425 for ten minutes, and 350 for another thirty.

Of course, made piecrust treats with the trimmings — roll it out thin, spread with melted butter, honey, and cinnamon — roll up, slice, and bake.


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