2 c flour
3 eggs
a little whole wheat flour

Mix and knead smooth. Put through the pasta machine ending at setting 4. Place the piece on a smooth kitchen towel and cut into strips and then rectangles. Pinch each rectangle in the middle; the cross-section would look like a “W.” Lay the bowties on the towel to dry a bit, and repeat until all the dough has been used.

Two nice things about using the towel — the dough doesn’t stick to the table, and you can gather up all the pasta in the towel and pour it in the pot all at once.

Mine didn’t sit to dry very long, so they took about four minutes to cook in boiling salted water.

Served with previously frozen homemade sauce.

Usually I saute a little garlic and / or onion in some olive oil, brown a pound of ground beef, then add 2 cans of tomatoes, 2 of tomato sauce, and 2 of tomato paste plus half a can of water for each can. Simmer all day. I find that dried basil and oregano lose their flavor after freezing, so I don’t bother putting any in the stock pot. I add some each time I heat up a portion from the freezer.

You can, alternatively, make meatballs with the raw beef mixed with egg and breadcrumbs and a little milk, and simmer them in the sauce. The advantage of meatballs is, meatballs! The disadvantage is we tend to eat all the meatballs the first night, and the rest of the sauce has that meaty flavor but no actual meat in it. That’s what we had on these bowties tonight.


2 thoughts on “Bowties

  1. Thanks for the recipe. I may have to try that. We’ve always just bought dry pasta, or the occasional frozen noodle. Now that the kids are about gone, I may have to try making some pasta from scratch.

  2. I made homemade noodles rather rarely before getting the machine — it’s possible to roll and cut them by hand but it’s rather a pain. But for bowties, it would be less bothersome because the pieces you cut are on the larger side. Do you have a machine? I love mine.

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