Guess the hymn

that Amy is learning:

A few weeks ago I started trying to do a daily Bible time with Amy. Thanks to Sandi, for the idea of learning a hymn. We started with the first verse, working on it for a few days, and went on to the next. We’ve got three of the five verses down so far.

We’re reading straight through Mark, out of my own Bible. Sometimes I paraphrase to make the language more understandable for her age. We usually review a bit before going on to the next part, and we usually start by reading the last bit of the previous part for a better sense of continuity. That’s actually an idea I learned from Dan Landrum in the context of teaching a tune — when learning or teaching a tune phrase by phrase, if you include the first note of the next phrase, you’ll find it more natural to string the phrases together smoothly.

Then we take turns saying a prayer. Lately her prayers are all “Thank you for singing time. Thank you for Bible story time,” and that’s it, but that’s okay.

She loves singing with the pictures, and talking about what’s going on in each picture. Her favorite part is the babies on Jesus’ name.


3 thoughts on “Guess the hymn

  1. WOW~Sure wish I had your drawing talent for visuals~AMAZING! I guess the first is “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”~does that count as a hymn? The last is “Jesus Loves Me”, and the middle… HHHMMMMM… I now think the last could be another one~ACK! LOL! I LOVE THIS! You know, you could put together a book of these to sell as a learning tool… Homeschoolers would be a great market as well as Christian bookstores!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. It’s all one hymn, three verses — it’s Jesus Shall Reign Where’er the Sun.

    I thought about maybe refining the idea for homeschool or family devotion or even Sunday School use…

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