Another late night blurt

Thinking about teaching social skills — like telling your toddler how to ask first before barging in to join other kids playing, so that they don’t get all upset at her when she jumps in the puddle they’re digging in, or pours a bucket of water where one isn’t wanted.

Or how to enjoy independence and doing her own thing, but to not burn bridges in the process, and choosing when to be graciously social instead of aloof.

(Not to mention how to deal when other kids tell her she can’t play and so on.)

Thinking about laziness and work, and how my friend quoted “Never mistake activity for achievement,” and her friend replied, “And never mistake inactivity for laziness.” Activity and inactivity are both fraught with their own dangers. Lord help me learn to work well and to rest well, and to use neither in idolatry.

Thinking about the business property tax bill, which has again not arrived, and needing to call the department and find out what happened this year, because I don’t want to be fined like last year, and I don’t want to be told, “Well, we sent it to [our correct address],” and even if you don’t receive the bill you’re still responsible for it.”

Thinking about my post office box which I am again neglecting to check regularly, largely because there’s never anything in there except circulars and other junk. I only have it so as not to post my real address on my business site, but now that folks can buy my CDs with PayPal, I might just do away with a mailing address altogether.

Thinking about Amy saying things like, “When I’m a pastor,” and feeling torn — our denomination does not permit women to be pastors, and neither Mark nor I would feel comfortable in a church that had one, and yet I’m offended at the idea of “not permitted,” and struggle to understand the relevant biblical passages.

Thinking about a drastic haircut, perhaps a bob barely brushing my shoulders (chin length doesn’t work on me), maybe with the very slightest of layers — I wear it up / back most of the time, so I don’t want something that only looks good down, but I want it to look good down, too. And where to go to get this haircut… that’s too short for Mark to cut with the clippers, and he doesn’t have time / patience to cut it with scissors.

Thinking about it being after midnight, and I still need to set out the sourdough batter because we only have four slices of bread left and I’ve got to get up early enough to mix and knead and shape it in the morning.

Thinking about how I need to get back to flossing.

Thinking about the felted bowls I finished knitting, and how my version (the pink one) will be deeper than the patterned one (the purple one), but the patterned one is better shaped, and how I just need to felt them and see how they go and figure they’ll be good enough for what I want.

Thinking about getting off the computer now.


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