Regulating computer time

Amy at Homestead Revival posted about regulating computer time — for kids. I think I need such a plan for myself, though! I do NOT model good use of computer time, and have not had much success regulating myself. Something concrete like time tickets just might help.

First, though, I have to figure out what would be a reasonable time to allow myself for computer stuff. There’s facebook and weather and email and blogs I read and the dulcimer discussion board and the knitting site and freecycle. There’s my own blog and my dulcimer business site. There’s looking for recipes or shopping or searching for other information. There’s computer maintenance tasks. And there’s photo editing and management. And there’s transferring my music to the computer and thence to the mp3 player. Most of these are legitimate uses… then there’s the more wasteful, but amusing, things like and the like.

I could use a ticket system with Amy, too, for the YouTube playlists and Sesame Street videos she likes to watch. Could adapt it for other things, too — things that she wants more often than I want her to have them. Perhaps things like playing BSF / dance class, or other games that she loves but I don’t enjoy — that way she gets to do them but I know they’re limited and therefore won’t feel so much need to resist them.


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