Fitness Challenge, whatever week this is

Yeah. This is for this week, and last week, and I think the one before, too.

Continuing to do Monday’s BGTT class, which is awesome, and I sure hope it continues in the summer.

Wednesday Pilates continues as well; I think I missed one (last week?) because of Mark having other commitments. Yesterday, though? Totally made up for it. It seemed we did twice as much, twice as fast, because there were no rests between poses. I was sweaty. I drank all my water. And I felt it the next day. There were some poses where I learned something about the form and felt more work, too. My abs are pitiful — I still can’t do a roll-up without grabbing my legs, I can’t balance on my back in the seal, and I can’t do a roll-over at all. And you’d laugh at my push-ups. But we’re getting there.

The locker room has a scale and I’ve visited it a few times. The first time, my weight was five pounds less than the last time I was on a scale, but I think that may have been around Christmas, and it was a different scale, so who knows. But the second time, my weight was a pound less than the first time. I feel a little silly that I care, but it is nice to see something quantifiable. Maybe I can permit myself to enjoy it when there’s a loss or maintaining, and allow myself to disregard it when there’s a small gain. I’m still glad I don’t own a scale.

Fridays I haven’t done anything for a while. My dulcimer student has been rescheduled for the afternoons. I might try to get in the habit of taking a bike ride after her lesson. We’ll see.

I’m back to the two-desserts-a-week rule, except tonight I had two cookies despite birthday cake and ice cream on Sunday night and ice cream with bananas another night. Eh.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge, whatever week this is

  1. Small gains are not necessarily bad when you are working out. You don’t have to lift weights to build a little more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. You might have lost fat and gained some muscle tone. That is a good and healthy thing. Your BMI, energy level, bloodwork and the way you look and feel to yourself are MUCH more indicative of health and progress than the number on the scale alone. (And for some reason I have it in my mind that I saw a photo of you on this blog over the holidays. I sure don’t remember thinking of you as heavy.)

    And if you are interested in a little tip… desert is ‘less bad’ when you eat lean protein and don’t carb-load in the meal that comes before the desert. Snacking and ‘grazing’ on simple carbs and saturated fats that contain no protein is much worse than having a bit of desert once in a while. Trust me on this. I’ve given birth to four kids, am 43 years old, and can still wear a bikini and skinny jeans (and I haven’t really been able to work out for a while now). BMI has stayed between 19 and 20 for many, many years. A healthy kitchen helps me during the periods when I get less physical activity than I should.

  2. Oh, I know — I have avoided scales for the most part to try to keep my focus on overall health and not size and shape. I am not heavy to the eye, but obese technically according to the health screening Mark’s work does each year. I am definitely more toned now, and seeing a change in weight is just icing.

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