Y is for


Amy and I had a picnic lunch at the park today. A group of friends from some church were also there, so lots of kids around. Most of the moms were standing around talking. Since I didn’t know them, I was mostly playing with Amy. Some of the other kids found me quite curious — they would come over to watch, or join in, and some even asked me to help them on the zip line or the monkey bars or something. It was sort of sweet and sort of unnerving — I wanted to be respectful towards them, but didn’t want to be everyone’s mom at once.

Yard sale:

On our way to the park, we spied an early yard sale. They were selling a nut-chopper just like my mom’s (which is now mine) for $6. If it had been a dollar or two, I would have bought it just because none of the teeth were broken and one of mine is. They had quite a few antiquey things, and I searched carefully in case they might have a pickle crock or a mortar and pestle set, but alas, no. However, we did score a set of bongos for just $5! I’m sure they’re not professional quality, but hey, they’re real drums and to my uneducated ear they sound pretty cool, and Amy likes them a lot. She says I can play them sometimes, too. Might have to look on YouTube for instruction.


On the way home we stopped at the Salvation Army. As usual, none of the clothes I looked at fit right (so glad they have a changing room), but I found four nice flannel sheets (to sew more diapers) and a bit of plaid homespun-type fabric (to line a jeans bag to sell), all with the color tag that was half off that day.


We made our first foray into Indian cooking last night. I made spiced chickpeas, based on a recipe in one of the two Indian cookbooks I’ve had for years and never used.

1 scant cup of dry chickpeas, soaked overnight, simmered for an hour and a half.

Two-thirds of a stick of butter
1/3 – 1/2 c minced fresh onion
2 minced fresh garlic cloves
1 t ground ginger

Sauteed until golden and tender.

2 c canned tomatoes, pureed in the blender
A couple good shakes each of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, and chili powder, for an approximation of garam masala.

Added to the sauteed mixture along with the drained chickpeas and a couple tablespoons of their cooking liquid. Simmer about ten minutes or so, covered.

I also made chapatis. The recipe was nearly identical to my tortilla recipe, except I think it called for butter instead of olive oil. It wanted the butter softened, and added after the flour and water were mixed, but I was in a hurry and melted the butter instead. The chapatis were rather tough — was it melting the butter, or using all whole wheat flour, or both? They also didn’t puff with lots of bubbles like the tortillas usually do.

Anyway, everyone liked it — even Amy ate her whole portion. I’m pleased that fudging the recipe like I did still resulted in a tasty dish. Might have to give some other recipes in those books a try!


One thought on “Y is for

  1. Hi, I love yard sales and there are a whole bunch of them in East TN most weekends. You found some good bargains, too. I’m glad you did! A very interesting posting.

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