Knitting bag

A friend bought this beautiful fabric and hired me to make two knitting project bags for her. She had one bag already that I copied, except, at her request, I changed it to a double drawstring and used self-fabric for the drawstring instead of twill tape.

This one has two rectangular pieces, sewn together on three sides, with triangles pressed in and stitched to make a square base. There’s an identical lining of the striped fabric, sewn to the outer in such a way as to make a casing for the drawstrings.

The second bag (not pictured) is a bit smaller, has the stripes going horizontally in its liner, and has a separate circular base.


7 thoughts on “Knitting bag

  1. ha…I just made a knitting needle bag for her. I had wanted to make one for her as a parting gift, so she gave me the remainder of the fabric from the bags. Did it this afternoon…SO EASY. It was from a book the library has called One Yard Wonders. It may be something that would do well on Etsy?? It was shown as an artist’s case for brushes and such, but they mentioned knitting needles, which was what made me think of making it.
    The book for the girl’s dresses I made is also at the library, called Making Children’s Clothes. Most are very simple. If you ever have an idea of something you want to make and want a pattern make sure you ask me. I have a ton that I have picked up very cheaply and lots my mom gave me.

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