S is for…

Swimming lessons:

Today was the fourth session (of eight) of swim lessons at the academy. All ages / levels share the pool, each class having its own lane or corner. The first two sessions of our three and four class were mostly shapeless — just getting a feel for the kids’ comfort levels and skills, and getting them in the water, I guess. Last time and this time there’s been more direction, and it’s been more fun.

They go hand by hand around the edge of the pool, like a train. They have piggy-back bouncy rides down the lane and back. They jump in from the edge and we catch them. They blow bubbles. They toss a floating toy and fetch it. There’s a bounce-and-spin action rhyme. Today they also practiced kicking while holding onto a floating barbell — also one step removed from the mama. And they got to try jumping (or being dropped) from the diving board and getting caught (or landing on a lifeguard’s floatie thing).

There were still numerous “When will my class be done” and “I want to get out now,” but when it WAS time to get out, she wanted to stay in — she likes jumping in from the edge, even though she won’t yet jump without holding my hands.


Someone commented to me about how the way you carry yourself, groom yourself, dress, and so on, can convey confidence, self-worth, and so on.

That’s true, but it’s also not without its margin of error. An outfit that you intend to convey contentedness and confidence may come across to someone else as not caring, sloppy, thoughtless, snobbish, or what have you. Everyone brings their own past experience and prejudice to the interpreting table when it comes to making our own style choices as well as when it comes to judging / evaluating / interpreting others’ style choices.


Yuck. I am not one of those moms that can eat off my child’s plate or drink from her cup. I don’t even like to share food or drinks with anyone else. It’s not about germs — it’s just about spit.


One thought on “S is for…

  1. “I am not one of those moms that can eat off my child’s plate or drink from her cup.”

    Eating from their plates doesn’t bother me, but I never drank from the same cup. There’s backwash with little food particles in there! I can handle boogies, poopies and pee pees, but I just can’t drink someone else’s food particles. That’s just way too icky even when the particles in question come from a cute little kid.

    Once, when one of mine was an infant, there was a breathing emergency caused by the child’s nose and throat being blocked by vomit. I sucked vomit out of my baby’s nose with my mouth because it was an emergency and I didn’t know what else to do to restore her airway. But I still can’t drink after anyone! Weird, huh? Sucking vomit out of my child’s nose is not gross, but drinking after them is? Go figure. I guess that’s just the way it is.

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