M, N, O…


Small galley kitchen means sometimes unused burners make apparently sensible places to put things. Was making crepes in an iron skillet. Had a plate to put them on, sitting on another burner. It was taking too long, so I got out another skillet and started heating it up. When I figured it would be ready, I poured in some batter, but it didn’t behave like it should — a little investigation showed that, indeed, I’d turned on the wrong burner — the one with the plate on it. Good thing I caught that before I broke (or exploded) the plate.


Amy has been interested in orchestra music lately, so I borrowed Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 to show her. Watched them myself in the evenings — and was puzzled — I love the older way of doing animation by hand instead of using computers, but a lot of the drawing just wasn’t as good as I remembered.

Particularly the mythology segment with the fauns, the cupids, the centaurs, and so-called centaurettes. I think Disney goes too far in the other direction now, with very stylized, excessively differentiated characters with lots of detail (do you really think evil lions are orange and black instead of golden, and have sharper hair?), these creatures are comically similar and undefined. The centaurs are large without any indication of muscle or definition. The cupids all look like Snap, Crackle, and Pop, except less distinct.

And? The baby pegasi look suspiciously like My Little Pony. I don’t at all remember this segment being so “cute.”


Amy loves the Madeline stories. While we were at the library looking for Fantasia, she found a Madeline DVD, and the librarian kindly told her to take it to me, saying “She’ll probably get it for you.” Except of course Madeline trumps Fantasia. Amy watched segments of Fantasia only at my request, and only as a special treat after a Madeline story, and while I braided her hair. And then she said, this morning, “I can’t wait to get another Madeline DVD!” And I confess I feel irritated. I don’t really have anything against Madeline — much better than that awful simpering nothing Strawberry Shortcake book she had me read when playgroup met at the library last time.


My nose runs when I talk a lot, and especially when I’m singing.


There’s just one project on my knitting needles right now. Tights for Amy, being made with Cherry Tree Hill “Cherry Blossom” sock yarn. I’m several inches away from the end, but with a size one needle and a 20″ waist, it’s going to be a while yet.


Three times this evening Amy emerged from her room to use the bathroom. The first time was when The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was on. The second time, if I remember right, was when the movie was over and silence fell. The third time was when my friend in Virginia called. Coincidence? Hmmm.

The difficulty is if we want her to move closer to no more diapers, we have to take potty claims seriously. We don’t want to start a pattern of arbitrary pottying after bedtime just to get attention — so we want to keep it boring — but we also don’t want to discourage her from using the potty when she needs to.


The spinning class I’ve been doing on Friday afternoons ended after spring break. Today I went outside for a real bike ride. It was windy, and there were lots of hills, and one steep enough I had to get off and walk. I didn’t drink enough before going and didn’t take water with me (don’t have a bottle holder yet), so the ride definitely burned after awhile.


I scored an aluminum juicer at the thrift store recently, and used it for the first time tonight. Squeezed an orange and gave half the juice to Amy and used half, along with some honey, to reheat some ham for dinner. Sides were corn, and sweet potato rounds roasted with butter, olive oil, pepper, cinnamon, and ginger.

Off and on:

These three letters? Argh. Been working on this post off and on all day and it just wasn’t coming together. Nothing really significant or interesting, but,

Oh well!


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