Fitness Challenge Week 13

Monday was the first BGTT class since before spring break — three weeks without a Monday class. I was very pleased to discover that it didn’t whup me as much as I expected. I’m sure she was a little easier on us, but also it shows that a couple of weeks won’t ruin all the little progress I’ve made.

Wednesday Mark had a commitment, so I planned to do a Pilates video (The Method, Precision Toning) at home during nap. I intended to skip lunch so as not to exercise on a full stomach. However, at playgroup at the park that morning, I felt moved to buy some treats for everyone from the coffee shop, and of course partook myself. To compensate for the upset stomach from eating only sweets, I had an orange and a carrot when we got home. The workout was good anyway.

No more spinning class on Friday noons, so I went for a real bike ride outside instead. Wrote about it in my previous post.


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