L is for…


This is the sole survivor of my three wild-type blueberry bushes planted last year. I am thrilled to see leaves on it. I hope it does well this season — and then I’ll get some companions for it. I believe it’s a St. Cloud variety.

The snow peas have sprouted — a few of the shelling peas have as well.

And here’s a speckled romaine that must have sprouted from a plant gone to seed last summer. There are some large reddish lettuces in another row that overwintered, but even their inner leaves are bitter — not sure if they’ll get better or not.

I actually love the way our lawn looks right now — full of weeds and long skinny grasses, all with perfectly formed tips. When mowing starts, the cuts are always a little ragged and cracked — it’s the nature of mowing, unless you have one of those fancy manual mowers that cuts like scissors.


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