H and I are for…


Tee hee. Get it? H and I spells “hi.”

Hot potato:

Last night I played hammered dulcimer for a church’s baked potato supper. I’d never heard of that kind of supper before, but what a great idea. They had crock pots full of chili, cheese sauce, broccoli, and cold containers of diced ham, bacon, scallions, sour cream, salsa, and butter. Then there were drinks and desserts.

Hammered dulcimer:

I play hammered dulcimer. It’s a trapezoidal wooden box crisscrossed with strings, played by striking the strings with light mallets called hammers. Sounds somewhat like a harp, somewhat like a piano, and not quite like either. Check out my music site for sound samples and other information.


Amy has little regard for direction. She doesn’t think instructions really apply to her. Not right away anyway. In the dance class, she often was running around doing her own thing instead of what was directed. We tell her to put her shoes on, or come here, or do that, and she does something else instead, or talks, or gets distracted, and when we remind her (sometimes with increasing frustration), she will be offended and say she’s doing it or is going to or has to do this first or is doing it quickly or is hurrying.

I try to have plenty of room for her to take her time, to notice things and do things along the way. I’m raising a person, not a slave.

But! She also needs to learn that there are times when something needs to be done right away, and when she needs to hurry. And this pursuit is tiring for all three of us.


on the ongoing to-do list —

Finish sewing diapers from thrift and fabric store flannels
Fold laundry
Finish knitting Amy’s tights
Start knitting a baby present for a far away friend
Start knitting the alpaca sweater.
Sprout some wheat berries
Refresh the sourdough starter
Leave feedback for an ebay purchase
Blog about the week in exercise
Sow more seeds in the garden and the starter pots that haven’t sprouted
Pick up thrift store purchases
Return library books and borrow Fantasia for Amy
Plan lesson for dulcimer student
Record CD sales and pay from last night’s performance
Finish sorting and organizing fabric stash
Do BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson
Deliver finished altered jeans to customer
Shower and get dressed
Take Amy to track meet
Put stuff in cat’s ears


5 thoughts on “H and I are for…

  1. Well, I did finish the diapers and fold the laundry (don’t ask if I put it away yet), left the feedback, picked up the thrift store stuff and the movie from the library (forgot to bring the other items to return there), and delivered the jeans.

    Amy and I chose the park instead of the track meet.

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