So I decided to try making some diapers, as Amy’s are getting seriously worn out, some more or less hanging in shreds. The ones we bought are holding up well — it takes more than one kid to destroy a good diaper. But the ones that were given to us after diapering two other kids, these have served very well for over two years but are now seeing their last days.

Today I bought two flannel sheets at Salvation Army — $3.50 and $2.50, I believe, a twin and perhaps a queen or a double. The twin has been cut up and finished into six flat diapers, roughly 30″ square. Standard flats are 27″, but one sewing site suggested doubling the desired rise for toddlers. One I finished with a close zigzag, but that eats up thread and takes forever. One I folded over a tiny bit all around and used a longer stitch length, which also took up more thread than I cared for. The other five are scalloped. I used to do a scallop stitch by bringing the edge of the fabric up between the prongs of the zigzag foot, because that was the way I accidentally discovered the scallop stitch. But it’s actually easier — especially around corners — to just fold that bit and let it go under the foot.

The one fold I was excited to learn yesterday — the origami fold — resulted in a diaper with wings rather longer than needed and not quite enough rise.

Somewhat discouraged, I turned to the larger sheet and cut out two 34.5″ squares. The rise is better, but of course the wings are still longer than needed.

Then back to the trusty internet, where I found some other folds, including several that look more suitable for toddlers. Some of them have the bulk rather evenly distributed, which seems a bit silly, but then again for a toddler we’d be putting some kind of doubler in the middle anyway. Still, my favorite folds are the ones with all the bulk in the middle. There’s a way to tweak the origami fold, but the ones that look most promising to me are the Jo fold, the kite fold, the neat fold, and the Gaynor fold.

Then it hit me — I am not the diaperer anymore. Haven’t been for a month or more. Mark has done bedtime routines since very early on, and I do naptimes, but not long ago we switched to training pants for naptimes, so he does almost all the diapering. And I bet he won’t be very excited about folding flats. The Jo fold would be the easiest, least fussy one.

So — I think I should plan to sew prefolds out of the rest of that larger sheet and the three yards of flannel from the fabric store.


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