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Four apple seedlings started from seeds I found already sprouted inside grocery store Gala apples. This is my third attempt to grow such seeds — that one is really looking nice! Maybe it’ll be fruiting by the time Amy graduates high school or something.


We have a longish spring break here (a little over two weeks) and that means no exercise classes. I did manage to do two of my DVD workouts last week, but alas, nothing this week. Nothing official, anyway. On Tuesday I did maybe twenty minutes of a bike ride that got my heart rate up and used some leg muscles. Today I walked a little bit while we were at the park. Ha! That’s all. My left hand is bothering me again (too much awkward gripping while trying to cut up and sort my fabric stash), so there are several parts of my workout I can’t do right now anyway (weights, push-ups and table-top / plank positions), but I should try to do something. But I don’t wanna. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Saturday. Maybe not.


Amy’s diapers are falling apart. Especially the ones that were passed down from a family who had used them for two kids. I don’t think our stash will last until we reach dry nights and naps. I’ve looked around a bit for good deals on still-good used diapers, but nothing’s such a great deal that it seems worth it. Then I saw stuff about sewing our own — I’ve seen patterns before but never wanted to try, but now I’m thinking of going for it. I might even try making some flats, now that I understand how easy they are to fold.


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8 thoughts on “A is for…

  1. You are now on the blog roll and officially a part of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge. Glad you could join us and hope you will check out some the other fine bloggers and introduce yourself.

    I like your 3 topic approach. Maybe I might start trying to grow some seeds like that. But I guess I’d be pretty old when the tree started bearing fruit. Maybe I wouldn’t even be able to eat apples. I could always make applesauce I guess.

  2. Hey, welcome all you meme-y visitors! I enjoyed checking out your contributions as well.

    Jan, I forget where I first saw this meme mentioned, but your first post reminded me about it and got me joining in. Thanks!

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