Big Beef and Pink Beauty tomatoes, Gourmet green-to-orange peppers, Redventure celery, marigolds, Sugar Baby watermelons, Green Mountain broccoli, and Long Island Improved Brussels sprouts.

Using plastic and paper cups I already had lying around, with drainage holes poked in the bottoms, and rarely-used cookie sheets and a baking pan for drip trays. Covered, until the seeds sprout, with elasticized bowl covers.

The big flowerpot has four Gala apple seedlings in it, started from seeds found sprouted inside apples. I have no idea if they’ll succeed — one has withered and died already, and I’ve tried this twice before without success — but it’s still a fun experiment.

The little flowerpot has two alyssum plants; it was a kit given to Amy for Christmas by Grandpa P.


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