Ta da!

I’ve finally finished quilting Amy’s quilt that I started last year!

None of my lines is perfectly and consistently straight, but there’s no seriously glaring errors. This was the second attempt — the first attempt, I got about half way through one direction of diagonal lines when I realized the back was not lying smooth, so I had to rip all those out and start again. If there’s ever another quilt (I have thoughts of making one for our bed) I hope I can get someone or two someones to help me baste it better to avoid that problem.

The second attempt involved re-pinning one section, checking front and back, adjusting as needed, then marking the sewing line — at various times I tried a marking pencil (ugh), masking tape right next to the line (ugh), and masking tape a quarter inch off the line (much better).

The second direction of diagonals went much faster, since the first set held the backing in good position.

Next, making and applying bias tape, most likely out of the green stripey stuff.


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