My seed list

If I buy everything I want to, here’s what I’ll get:

Pole beans — Fortex

Beets — Moneta

Broccoli — De Cicco

Chinese Cabbage — Minuet

Carrots — Sugarsnax

Celery — Tango

Cucumbers — Little Leaf Pickling

Lettuce — Nevada Summer Crisp

Lettuce — Mild Mesclun Mix

Peas — Caselode

Peas — Snow Sweet

Peppers — Gourmet (orange bell)

Spinach — Emu

Squash — Bush Baby zucchini

Squash — JWS 6823 PMR butternut

Sweet Potatoes — Beauregard

Tomatoes — Big Beef

Tomatoes — Estiva

The problems are: a) my garden is just about 20×20 feet, and b) that seed list is $67 before shipping. Since there would be many more seeds per packet than I can actually grow, I could share with friends; anyone want to buy a share in any of these packets?

Oh, also, I usually buy pepper and tomato plants instead of starting with seed. I don’t have any flats for starting with seed, but I haven’t been very happy with the pepper plants I’ve bought locally. Might at least do the tomato plants again, though; and maybe end up spending as much on the plants as the seeds would have been, or maybe more.

Oh, and I want to buy two more blueberry plants to replace the ones that died last year.


(What about Brussels Sprouts? Or a real (seeded) watermelon? Or regular potatoes?)

Also, what about garden sharing? If we don’t both have room for all these varieties, maybe one of us can grow some of them and one grow the others, and share the harvest.


2 thoughts on “My seed list

  1. just a thought, but most seeds will keep several years, germination rates go down a bit, but usually there are so many seeds that a few that don’t germinate aren’t that big a deal.
    We used seeds last year from the year before and this year will use some we bought last year.

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