Fitness Challenge Week 4

Good Monday class. I need to get in the habit of leaving home earlier in order to arrive, deliver Amy to her lunch date with Daddy, and get to class before it starts.

Wednesday we had a sub, a new teacher. She’d planned an advanced Pilates class using the stability ball for EVERYTHING, but the ones at this gym were all big and unwieldy, and even she had a hard time doing some of the exercises with them. It wasn’t a very effective class, but I did learn a neat way to do a relatively easy one-armed twisted push-up, which would be great to help build my weak triceps.

Friday there was no sub for the spinning, and Mark had to cover a colleague’s class, so I did my Pilates Sculpt DVD here at home.

Still no obvious difference in the way I look or how my clothes fit, but I definitely feel more toned, a little stronger, and less flabby in certain areas.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Week 4

  1. I want some of that ravioli! 🙂 I also can relate to your feelings on cheerfulness. As a pretty positive person naturally, it wasn’t until being quite grown up that I recognized some of the negatives of cheerful compliance in myself. 😦 I am LOVING your fitness updates~GO GIRL! I am needing to do this myself and find that I am gung-ho one moment only to waffle back to nothing at the slightest setback. ARGH!

    BTW~I have added you to the list of those that can see my blog. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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