Fitness Challenge Week 3

To my chagrin, I am missing two of this week’s three classes. Playgroup was moved from Wednesday morning to Friday morning, because we’re going to a bounce place forty minutes away that’s not open on Wednesdays. Because it’s that far away and doesn’t open until 10, it isn’t really feasible to get back in time for the noon spinning class. And because playgroup was moved, I had a playdate with another family on Wednesday, and that included lunch, so the noon Pilates class was out.

Monday’s BGTT class was good yet again. I am improving form, which makes the work more effective (and in some cases less painful). And my knee that was hurting before class didn’t hurt afterward. I found out that I can almost do pushups and side planks without leaning on my knees. I have trouble with pushups and triceps dips in that my left elbow doesn’t want to bend.

I slept in on Wednesday instead of doing my Pilates Sculpt DVD before the playdate, but this afternoon I did the whole thing, about an hour. (In my previous fitness attempt, I was doing about half of it three times a week. Because some chapters had caused me some pain, because I wanted a shorter workout, and because doing the whole thing was HARD.)

I haven’t noticed any difference in the fit of my clothes yet, but I think my overall mood is better, and I’m getting a little more toned.


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