Fitness Challenge Week 2

Monday’s Butt, Gut, Tris, and Thighs class was rather less brutal than the first week’s. For one thing, I had the right weights — last week I’d picked out 3-pounders by mistake. There are still a few things that stress my lower back — may need to work out my own variation for those. One is a bridge with heels outside the mat and toes in the air — really need to fix that one.

Wednesday’s Pilates class was good. I was a tiny bit better about remembering to focus on my abs, but yeesh it’s hard to breathe properly AND focus on abs AND do the movements.

Today was my first spinning class. There’s music, and different segments like flat road with slight changes in resistance up and down, hill climbing with lots of resistance and standing, “jumps” where you go in and out of the saddle. It took me a while to find my breath, and I ran out of water too soon, and the second half of the class I just stayed put and kept pedaling because I was feeling a bit light-headed and didn’t want to overwork myself. Who knew spinning could be such a whole-body thing? It made such a difference how I held my shoulders and arms. But even correct posture doesn’t help the sore-going-numb butt syndrome. And my feet felt odd, almost like they were going to fall asleep. Perhaps the straps were too tight.

Still, overall, this semester’s exercise plan is going well, and I’m feeling good.


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Week 2

  1. If you are running out of water too soon into the spinning classes, consider taking a second bottle to those to keep you fully hydrated or a bigger bottle, or possibly have a sizeable drink of water before the class, but with enough time for it to settle so you don’t get cramp half way through.

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