Etsy (and CD Baby)

So; if we do Montessori, I need to make more money.

I set up an account on CD Baby today; I have to sell six CDs before I can cover the setup costs and start earning money. I am just starting with one CD, the one I think is best, even though it’s about Christmas and that’s eleven months from now.

I am also considering setting up an Etsy shop. Etsy is a community for selling handmade stuff (and a little bit of supplies, and a little bit of vintage). Here’s my brainstormed list of possible items to sell:

Papier mache

  • shakers made from toilet paper tubes filled with rice, beans, or macaroni
  • oatmeal box containers / drums — great for dulcimer hammers, knitting needles, or toddler rhythms.


  • jeans bags
  • various size drawstring pouches (great for toys with many small parts, or a sock knitter’s project, or some dulcimer hammers)
  • various size furoshiki (fabric squares for gift wrapping)
  • napkins, cloth wipes, diaper / mama pad liners
  • patchwork pillows or doll quilts
  • flannel swaddling blankets and doll blankets
  • quilted hot pads and iron skillet handle guards
  • towel bibs
  • bean bags (small)
  • wooden spoon wands
  • dolls and doll clothes
  • hand embroidery option on several items

Knitting and crochet

  • beaded wine charms
  • Christmas ornaments
  • bookmarks
  • dishcloths

First, I need to make a handful of items to start with. I think my list includes a nice mix of quick and easy things that could have lower prices, and more intensive projects that could bring higher prices.

Then, I need a name. I’m terrible at naming things. I don’t want cute or clever. I want something straightforward but memorable and meaningful. Something that fits the random assortment of stuff in the list, AND captures something of my personality.

I’m going to let it roll around in my psyche for a few days and see what happens.


3 thoughts on “Etsy (and CD Baby)

  1. OH if I had $$$ I’d buy EVERYTHING in your shop!!!! You have NO IDEA how in love I am with my Boppy cover and other goodies~I actually had trouble falling asleep that first night, as I had nursed her on the Boppy and loved looking at her surrounded in that soft, warm, pink!!!!! ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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