Fitness Challenge Week 1

This semester I am loosely committing to three (free) exercise classes each week at Mark’s school.

It’s a great perk I haven’t been able to take advantage of before because of the childcare issue. But this semester Mark’s schedule will allow him to have Amy at lunchtime during the noon classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Those classes are Butt, Gut, Tris, and Thighs; Pilates; and indoor cycling. This week Mark has a tutoring session on Friday, so I will have to skip the cycling. I might try to do my DVD workout instead that day, or perhaps Saturday while he and Amy are grocery shopping.

Monday’s class was brutal, in a good way. It’s a toning and sculpting class, fast-paced, lots of repetitions. There’s more time spent on one standing leg than I like — I would rather alternate legs more often because of my knee issues — but either I’ll get stronger, or continue to take little breaks, or just alternate legs on my own.

I’ve been sore since mid-class, but today it’s just the ghosts of the sorenesses. Yesterday I could hardly navigate stairs or chairs. But talk about cleansing breath — !

Today’s class was rather easier. The pace is slower, and a lot is done sitting or lying down. It’s much easier when I’m not keeping my abs taut — but much less effective, too. It will take some time for me to get my focus there. I was pleased that I was familiar with most of the movements, and could even do most of them.

In both classes the instructor offers alternatives for more or less intensity and strength, which is great. She also wears a headset so we can hear her clearly and she can move around the room to check on everyone.

I had one friend in Monday’s class, and two in today’s, so that’s nice as well.

A facebook friend and I have set clothing size goals for May / June, and if we meet our goals, we get to go thrift shopping and out to eat in Chicago.


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