2010, here we are

How I hate to be cliche, but it seems I have some New Year’s Resolutions. One, mainly. The same one everyone else has: get healthier. I want to establish a workable exercise routine and return to sensible eating patterns.

There are a number of free fitness classes at the school where Mark teaches. There’s no child care, and the times are limited, but still! What a great opportunity. I haven’t yet been able to make use of anything but the pool, and with Amy in tow, it’s more for her having fun than for my exercise. Also, I haven’t used the pool at all this whole semester — it’s kind of a pain with the upstairs girls’ locker room and all. Now that she’s three I think she’ll be eligible for the next round of swimming classes, which will be great.

I’m thinking this may be the year that I’m willing to get up super early to do one or more of the 6am classes. And / or eat lunch early or late to do one or more of the noon classes. (Yes, those are the only times classes are offered — makes sense since it’s geared to the faculty and staff, I suppose.) I need to ask Mark about his schedule and see whether there’s any days he could have Amy in the early morning or the lunch hour. There’s indoor cycling five times a week, yoga and pilates once each, and a butt, gut, and thighs class three times a week.

On other days I can try again to be more disciplined about doing my DVD workout alone at home.

There are so many other things I want and / or need to do as well! This wide open new year is already looking too small.

I want to finish Amy’s quilt. Someday I would like to make one for our bed as well.

I want to use my new pasta machine and pizza peels! And my new book on drafting sewing patterns! And get all my music on my computer and from there onto my new mp3 player!

I want to get together with friends more — for music (one friend plays viola), for scrapbooking, for kidly playdates, for general fellowship.

I have some other sewing and knitting I need to finish up, and other projects to start — I am thinking about using some money from a recent job to buy beautiful fine yarn for a sweater for myself, plus I have some lovely thrifted angora to make something with, and my friend’s mother-in-law just gave me some of her fabric scraps. There’s also that fancy velvet dress I want to finish modifying.

I continue to really want to send Amy to the Montessori school, and for it to become possible for us to have her there for the elementary years as well. That means thinking about how I could expand my music or sewing work, or find another meaningful way to make the extra money. We also need to schedule her interview there, observe a class there, go to their open house, and maybe observe or at least ask questions about more local preschools and the public elementary Amy would otherwise attend.

I’ve had three sessions (once a month) with the most recent potential therapist — it was supposed to be my summer project to find someone I could work well with in case of another crisis someday, and I’m finding I can’t make that decision without actually working with the person for a while — one interview isn’t enough information.

Then there’s the usual pursuits of good parenting and home life, and worshiping and following God. I want to be more like the Archdeacon in Charles Williams’ War in Heaven — present and engaged in life, mindful, and above all confident in the God that is in all things and is not confined to any of them, without fear.

One thing that seems to be settled is the church search. We are going to attend the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Walkerton. There are, of course, things that we don’t like about it, but given the options we’ve looked into, we feel best about this choice.


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