Christmas 2009

All is calm, and all is bright dark. Everyone’s snug in their beds again, visions of today’s sugarplums dancing in their heads.

We had mini-Christmas with Mark’s folks on Monday in Indianapolis, celebrated our thirteenth anniversary that evening, then bright dark and early the next morning we headed out here to New Jersey where my folks live.

Fifteen hours. Amy did remarkably well.

Last night’s dinner didn’t agree with her, though, and she threw up four times between 9pm and 1:30am. She woke feeling fine, other than tired. We started her with dry toast and sips of flat ginger ale and coke, and by evening she was able to have a taste of roast beef and cheesecake along with her rice, applesauce, and banana.

There were presents, of course. Mostly for Amy, of course. Mark was very pleased and surprised by the vintage mechanical cuckoo clock I found on Ebay. Everyone (me, too!) was pleased with their gifts.

My sister and my brother and his family arrived in the afternoon, for more presents and dinner and dessert.

Amy enjoyed her cousins and aunts and uncle, although she had to ask a few times which cousin was which.

Tomorrow I hope to make pecan sticky buns, thanks to a facebook friend’s provocation. Sunday we’ll be at my brother’s house; my nephew arrives tomorrow and so Sunday’ll be Christmas for him. Tracy’s boyfriend Eric will join us then, too; he was with his family today.

Tuesday we’re off to VA to spend some time with Amy’s godparents.


Pictures later.


Oh, one more thing: I was worried about holiday food this year. I haven’t been exercising, and I’ve been having arguments with my willpower. But there were only two kinds of cookies, which I’ve been enjoying quite moderately, and there was no snacking today between late breakfast and dinner. I was hungry for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as dessert — cheesecake and a few chocolates. I would have liked one linzer cookie and three nut-filled cookies, but otherwise I didn’t miss the usual plethora at all, nor did I miss the midday snacking.

The last time we were here for Christmas, two years ago, I was a mess… it is good to be in a better place now.


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