Another Boppy cover

I had a lot of fabric left after sewing some pillow covers for a friend, and she let me keep the extra. A good bit of it became this Boppy cover for another friend’s baby shower.

I have a new favorite way of sewing zippers, which I found on some website I neglected to bookmark. You first baste the opening closed, then pin and sew the zipper in, then remove the basting. That way, there’s no distortion, and the two sides meet perfectly in the center of the zipper.


3 thoughts on “Another Boppy cover

  1. My Boppy has a hole, and yer cover is AWESOME! I wanted to say *THANK YOU!* for being such a faithful online friend! You were actually on my heart early this morning really strong, so I prayed and had hopes of telling then how much you mean to me. Then everyone was up at once, and it all kinda got CrAzY… LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. I like the added touch of the heart and the fabric looks great. Very nice!


    Okay, moms, which one of you wrote this comment? It wasn’t me, lol. Thanks for the compliment.

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