because he is good

This post has coalesced from a few conversations, readings, and situations lately…

A friend is worried about a high-risk pregnancy, among other things. Another of her friends and I were commenting to her about trusting God — how scary it is, and how dangerous, because God doesn’t promise that bad things won’t happen to us. It all hinges on the question — is God really good, despite the bad things that may indeed happen, the fears and worries that might come true? And it’s a vortex that can suck me in often enough, and I remember a few things that can help me hang on.

I remember that a toddler has no idea how the shot at the doctor’s office could possibly do her any good. Disease is meaningless to her. And the shot hurts. And mama doesn’t even try to stop it. But mama is still good.

I remember Joe describing a scene in Last of the Mohicans, where a girl (I think) has to trust the hero and go willingly into one dangerous situation (was it jumping across a waterfall or something like that?) in order to escape another dangerous situation, something that the hero can see coming but she can’t. The hero is still good.

And, the old standby, all the mentions in C. S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, about how Aslan is not safe, but he is good.

And that’s also the crux of this other thing, an article another friend linked to, by a fellow named Shane Claiborne. Among other things, he talks about how the reason he turned to God wasn’t so much about fear of hell or hope for heavenly reward, but “because he is good.”

What else has led to this post?

Let me just say that some people I know are dealing with some very difficult things, and some of them do not know the goodness of God. It’s what I most want for them this Christmas — that, between whatever obstacles stand in the way, whatever fears, misconceptions, academic questions, and past experiences, they would see Jesus, as he really is, and see that he IS good.

That his goodness would be evident as the light that shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it, however deep and thick that darkness is.

And, Lord Jesus, show me this, too, more and more.


One thought on “because he is good

  1. I wrestled with the question of God’s goodness when my son had his motorcycle accident several years ago. What did it say about God that he allowed this to happen?

    As time went by the question turned into, “But what does it say about Him that he spared my son’s life?”

    I came to the conclusion that I trusted God as much as ever, that my son’s tragedy didn’t change who He is–and that (as CS Lewis said in the quote you used about Aslan) He may not be safe, but He is good.

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