Wooden spoon wand

Select a wooden spoon with a nice long handle. Trace around the bowl of the spoon and a bit of the handle. Sketch a star shape, or scale a template to fit.

Cut out two fabric stars, and two batting stars. The bit at the bottom will be tucked in — it doesn’t need to be quite that long. Pin each fabric star with a batting star.

Here’s my machine prepped for free motion quilting. Thanks to some site (I forget where, sorry!) I found the idea to tape business cards over the feed dogs since I don’t have a darning plate or a way to lower the feed dogs. My machine also doesn’t have a darning foot, and the manual says to just not use a foot.

First I practiced on a scrap and didn’t like it, so I did some stippling with the feed dogs active and a regular zigzag foot. It’s quite lovely, but it required raising the foot to turn the fabric every other stitch or so, and using the hand wheel, so it was ridiculously tedious even for such a small item.

So then I tried the free motion thing again. That’s really tricky! I think I could get it, with more practice, though.

Once you’ve quilted each star, stitch right sides together all around except at the bottom, then turn right side out.

Hand stitch the bottom closed, tucking in the bits that go across the handle, and tucking in some ribbons at one corner. I pinned the fabric on either side of the handle to keep it centered while hand sewing.


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