Thank you, Lord, for

The gift of yourself, in full,
The measure pressed down and running over
Grace upon grace

Unseen, unfelt, so seemingly distant and aloof sometimes
Surely my own projection of my own sense of abandonment and betrayal
Surely you know abandonment and betrayal better than I do
And suffered it for my sake

In your great mercy you wrestle with me
As you did with Jacob
In all my anger and contentious strife
You grapple with me and bear me up
And bless me with limping

And how you have also blessed me
With peaches and pecans and chocolate chips
And blueberries and pumpkin
In pancakes and pie
A turkey to roast
Sweet potatoes and more

With husband and child
Parents and in-laws
Cousins and uncles and aunts
And nieces and nephew

With friends far and near
Close and arms-length
On and off
Here and there
Reconciled or never estranged

With those who love me
Despite all they know of me
Who forgive and welcome me
Nearly as you do

With the sounds and movements
And efforts of music
In instruments and voices
In dance and in still art
In books and even tv

With the clouds soaring on high
In their infinite chaotic order
And the following moon
And the trees stretching forth

How you have blessed me
Lord, my God,
My heart bows by grace
Before you.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy thanksgiving, y’all.

    Joe Newberry, a friend and old-time musician in NC, posted on FB today that he was thankful for music. It reminded me of the quote from John Joe in “The Boys & Girl from Co. Clare” in which he says, “If you have the music, you have friends for life.”

    I am most thankful for the music in my life. But it has brought me friends all over the world, in Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, and the UK, not to mention the US. Each of these friends are treasures to me.

    You, for one, are a great treasure. Your music inspires me. Your courage inspires me. Your seeking of God inspires me. You are simply a blessing to me, and I am thankful that you are my friend.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Yes, it was. We spent it with neighbors who were in town with no family coming over. Nice & relaxed. 3 of our kids were in CA camping for the weekend.

    We haven’t been Christmas shopping anywhere yet. Too many people! 😉

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