BSF without BSF

Instead of completing this week’s BSF lesson, day by day, I put it off until tonight, and here I am past bedtime and I still don’t really want to do it. I just wrote a bunch of stuff on my facebook about it:

sort of wish I could go to BSF without going to BSF.

I’m not really enjoying the study. Amy loves her class and it’s the only spiritual teaching she’s getting in any regular way. What I like best is the hour’s ride there and another back, with two friends and our kids, and getting in some knitting.

Also, I miss Tuesdays.

I miss just reading and discussing the Bible with friends. And I sort of think I would really enjoy certain kinds of seminary classes. In between is a lot that just doesn’t appeal to me much these days.

The Presbyterian Church we’ve been visiting, I’m not sure if they have a Sunday School class that would be appropriate for Amy. She’s the only kid her age — there’s some teens and a two-year-old, and that’s it. The Reformed Baptist Church’s youngest Sunday School I think is trying to do too much material, and isn’t really age-appropriate. I sometimes question some of the emphases in the children’s BSF program, but I like the mix of free and organized play, prayer, Bible story, and quiet time. And, like I said, Amy adores her class, especially her teachers. She plays pretend BSF very frequently, pretends to be her teachers even more frequently.

I know we are the primary spiritual teachers for Amy, and the church and other believers are helpers to us and don’t relieve us of our responsibility. And yet I’m not quite sure how to go about giving Amy spiritual instruction that would be age-appropriate and that wouldn’t backfire.

Oh, and I still miss men. I am grateful for all the fellowship I have with women, but I miss being in a mixed small group or regularly getting together as couples. (The daytime BSF class is just for women.)


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