Amy’s hat and mittens

Looooooooove the mittens! (Even though one thumb starts a row earlier than the other one.)


The hat, not so much. I love the ribbed cable cast on, and the corrugated ribbing, and the overall shape — covers the ears without falling into the eyes. But I think the shaping would be better done with diagonal lines of decreases and increases, so that the stripes would be more concentric and less stacked. This one I shaped with short rows in the back. Do I care enough to do it over? I don’t know yet…



Made with KnitPicks Swish in Wisteria, Dublin, and Lawn — Amy’s choices.


I have found the pattern I want to try. Ordinarily I would enjoy the challenge of designing exactly what I want, but this one is potentially exactly what I want, or can be tweaked. I love Ravelry for showing what people do with patterns — some of the examples of this pattern are way too pointy in front and on top, but some are just right.


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