Maybe a keeper

Had my second session with a potential therapist tonight.

Joe Bauserman was my first and best therapist — local when we lived there, and by phone when I was going through PPD. I always thought I’d be able to “see” him by phone again if I ever needed to. He’s gone, now, though; melanoma, early this year.

So one of my projects for this year was to try to find someone new — so that next time a crisis hits, I won’t have to scramble around looking for someone I can work with, having to start all over with the whole history and background and getting to know one another and all.

I researched online, made a list of potential folks in the region and some who offered phone sessions, and started sending emails and making phone calls. Eventually landed an appointment at this office, a month ago. This lady is old enough to remember ice delivery, is a psychologist (from past experience I am skeptical of social workers and pastoral counselors, at least for me), and works in a Christian office. The first appointment was basic background questions from her, interview questions from me, and me realizing (duh) that just interview questions and answers would not tell me all I need to know. I’m going to have to actually work through some stuff with her before I can know if we’ll work well together or not.

So I made another appointment — tonight, a month later.

She listens well. She is open to clarification — I mean, when she suggests an interpretation, it’s not set in stone, and she doesn’t get huffy if I challenge or try to clarify. She takes notes. She has good ideas. She isn’t too hasty.

By the end of the session, I had that good kind of shaky feeling — the intensity was just about right for a productive, fruitful session.

So tonight I made another appointment, for next month.

I need to find out how much, if anything, our insurance will cover, but if it’s financially feasible, I could see a monthly session potentially being quite fruitful for a while.


2 thoughts on “Maybe a keeper

  1. That is great, Marcy.
    I,too, think I have found an MD who will work with me and all my physical oddities…ie. not fitting into the norm healthwise! So far this year each new doc has bee dismissive after a few tests , claiming I was “old” what did I expect and thinking I was “faking” it. Problem is I tend to tough it out no matter what.
    This guy understands that part of my personally and is willing to dig deeper.
    So I undserstand your good feelings of “maybe’ I can get the help I need.
    Take care, Jan

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