I don’t recommend

I don’t recommend making pumpkin pancakes when there’s only one cup of flour in the house. At least not a full recipe. Or if you insist on making a full recipe, soak the rolled oats (the cup full you’re subbing for the missing second cup of flour) in the milk for a nice long time before baking. Or if you are hungry and can’t wait, be prepared to eat pumpkin pancake mush, hacked and mixed and mushed, burnt here and there, still nearly liquid in other places. Who knows if soaking would actually do any better.

On the other hand, they tasted good.


4 thoughts on “I don’t recommend

  1. The oatmeal sounds good. The only thing I make with pumpkin are some cookies that are awesome. But, even then, I used canned pumpkin. I’m too lazy to start with a fresh pumpkin….

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