Some recent sewing

Here are pictures of some sewing I recently did for a friend’s little girl.

Added a chin strap to this witch’s hat:


Hemmed these jeans:


These pants had been hemmed last year and needed to be let down again. The original hem was serged, and was starting to fray in places. I don’t have a serger, so I replaced that hem with a lettice edge.


Next week I go to the fabric store with another friend to choose fabric for the curtains she wants me to make, complete with room-darkening lining, and two other friends want some jeans hemmed — one wants me to try the fancy folding way where the original hem is preserved.


2 thoughts on “Some recent sewing

  1. Thanks — I should have mentioned I sew for barter or cash! The items pictured earned me a pair of ballet slippers for my little girl and some homemade eggrolls for all of us. Another bundle of projects earned me a bike.

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