Fancy dress continues

I’m continuing to work on altering my fancy silk and velvet devore dress.

I have decided against the long fringed sleeves — the split cap sleeves seem more attractive and shapely.

I put inserts in the right side triangle and the open upside-down V from the waist down. A piece from the center of the old sleeve fit nicely in the triangle. Then I used half of the old underskirt for the lower insert. I cut the fringed edge off the old sleeve and stitched it to the bottom of the insert — that’s an effective and easy way to transfer the fringe.

Because of the bust darts, the back of the dress is longer than the front. I’m not sure how I’m going to address that yet. Maybe I can fold in a bit of the back piece to bring the fringe up to meet the bottom of the insert, and stitch the fold down.

Speaking of the bust darts, they looked fine on the dress form but not on me. I undid one and fixed it, I think. It looks fine when I’m standing with arms down, but the fabric bunches a bit when I lift my arm. Perhaps that’s to be expected.

I put the dress on and pinned the left side together where the armpit and waist meet. I’m not sure that lower right insert is big enough. I thought about that when I trimmed the edges, and I left about half an inch all around — so I could theoretically widen it if need be.

I still wonder if I’ll be able to bend and sit in this thing. It has very little stretch. Side slits would help, but I don’t think it would look right with these v-shaped inserts.

I also still wonder what to do about the left side. I suspect a zipper or other closure would have to open into the sleeve (usually side zippers go to the armpit but stay closed at that point) — otherwise I might not be able to get the dress on and off. The other end would fall around my hip, I suppose.


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